Will Future

When do we use the will future?

The will-future is one future tense. There are other future tenses, e.g. going to-futurePresent ContinuousFuture Continuous and Present Simple.

Use of the will future

1. future actions outside the speaker’s control

We can use this for what we think of as future facts:

  • The sun will rise at 6:30 tomorrow.
  • Susan will be 15 next year.

2. the speaker’s predictions, assumptions

Here we use ‘will’ for what we predict, as it is the speaker’s opinion sentences often begin with: I think, I hope, I’m sure, I’m afraid.

  • I think Susan will like the present we bought her.
  • I hope the restaurant will have a free table.

3. spontaneous actions, offers, promises made at the moment of speaking

We often use ‘will’ when we’re talking about a decision at the moment of speaking. We are usually making an offer or promise or talking about something that we want to do.

  • I’ll give you a lift.
  • Are you cold? I’ll close the window.

4. Signal words

There are no unambiguous signal words for this tense, although anything with a future meaning can be used, i.e: tomorrow, next year, later on etc.,

5. Form

will infinitive

6. Examples

6.1. Affirmative sentences in the will future

Long formsContracted forms
will close the window.Ill close the window.
You will close the window.Youll close the window.
He will close the window.Hell close the window.

6.2. Negative sentences in the will future

Long formsContracted forms
I will not close the window.Ill not close the window.
won’t close the window.
You will not close the window.Youll not close the window.
You won’t close the window.
He will not close the window.He’ll not close the window.
He won’t close the window.

6.3. Questions in the will future

Long formsContracted forms
Will I close the window.?not possible
Will you close the window.?
Will he close the window.?