will-future – Statements – Exercise

Task No. 1261

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form sentences. Use will-future.

Welcome to your will-future – Statements – Exercise

1. Tonight it in the north-east. (to snow)

2. I 12 next Tuesday. (to be)

3. The phone is ringing. I it. (to answer)

4. She to your email this afternoon. (to reply)

5. I you as soon as I hear anything. (to tell)

6. They at about 6 pm. (to leave)

7. The nurse when to take the tablets. (to explain)

8. She you if you ask her. (to help)

9. The drink hot if you leave it in the sun. (to get)

10. She if you show her the snake. (to faint)