Verbs easily confused in English

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Here is a list of verbs that are easily confused even by native speakers.

infinitivesimple pastpast participlemeaning
findfoundfoundget back something which was lost
foundfoundfoundedstart something i.e. a business
flowflowedflowedmovement of liquid
flyflewflownmove through air
hanghangedhangedkilled with a rope around the neck
hanghunghungput up on a wall
laylaidlaidput down flat
lielaylainbe down bed
lieliedliednot tell the truth
raiseraisedraisedput up i.e. hand in the air.
riseroserisengo or get up
strokestrokedstrokedgently pass hand over.
wind /waɪnd/wound /waʊnd/wound /waʊnd/tighten something i.e. a spring
wound /wuːnd/woundedwoundedinjure in a fight