Some and Any – English Grammar

When do we use some and when any?

We use some and any for an amount or quantity which is not known e.g.

  • I need to buy some apples.
  • Have you got any milk?

Use of some and any

  • some: positive statements, offers, requests and in questions when you expect the answer “yes.”
  • any: negative statements, questions

Have you got any apples? No, we haven’t got any. But we’ve got some pears.


I would like to buy fruit in a shop. I can see the shopkeeper has oranges so I can ask:

  • “Could I have some of these oranges, please?” ( I expect the answer to be “yes”)

If I do not see oranges or if I am not sure whether there are oranges at all so I use any in the question.

  • Have you got any oranges, please?