Short forms and long forms in the Present Continuous

How to use short/contracted forms with the Present Continuous

We often use short/contracted forms of auxiliaries in spoken English. The Present Continuous is formed with the auxiliary to be (am, are, is), so short/contracted forms are very frequent.

1. Affirmative forms

PronounsLong formsContracted forms
II am listeningIm listening
youyou are listeningyoure listening
he, she, ithe is listeninghes listening
we, you, theythey are listeningtheyre listening

2. Negative forms (not after to be)

PronounsLong formsContracted forms
II am not listeningIm not listening
youyou are not listeningyoure not listening
you aren’t listening
he, she, ithe is not listeninghes not listening
he isn’t listening
we, you, theythey are not listeningtheyre not listening
they aren’t listening