Sentences in the Present Perfect with already and yet – Exercise

Task No. 1257

Say what you have already done today and what you have not done yet. Use the Present Perfect. Don’t forget the FULL STOP.

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The Present Perfect

Welcome to your Sentences in the Present Perfect with already and yet – Exercise

1. I /already/ to eat breakfast.

2. I/not/to go shopping/yet.

3. I/already/to speak with my boss.

4. I /not/to help Dad in the garden/yet.

5. I/not/to do my homework/yet.

6. I/already/to tidy my room.

7. I/not/to wash my clothes/yet.

8. I/not/to make my bed/yet.

9. I/already/to do the washing-up.

10. I/not/to write to my friend/yet.