Reported speech – mixed English tenses – Exercise 1

Task No. 1127

Finish the given sentences in Reported Speech.

Mind the introductory sentences and backshift of tenses.

Welcome to your Reported Speech mixed English tenses – Exercise 1

1. Max: "She works in a bank."
Max said (that) she .

2. John: "I am going to paint the room."
John told me (that) he .

3. Jake: "They like the film."
Jake said (that) they .

4. Petra and Sean: "We need a holiday."
Petra and Sean remarked (that) they .

5. Susan: "He can speak German."
Susan told us (that) he .

6. Mum: "Robert has never eaten sushi."
Mum said (that) Robert .

7. Sarah: "The bus didn't arrive on time."
Sarah said to Garry (that) the bus .

8. Monica: "I'm waiting at the station."
Monica said (that) she .

9. Peter: "Martin doesn't drink coffee."
Peter told us (that) Martin .

10. Monica: "Mark and John will go to London."
Monica remarked (that) Mark and John .