Reported questions – Exercise 1

Task No. 1123

Finish the sentences using Reported Speech. 

Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.

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Reported Questions

Welcome to your Reported questions – Exercise 1

1. Simon: "Do you want to drive?"
Simon asked me 

2. Susan: "When did you arrive?"
Susan wanted to know .

3. Mark: "Has John left?"
Mark asked me .

4. Sean: "Where does Petra live?"
Sean asked me .

5. Jake: "Did you watch the match?"
Jake asked me .

6. Monica: "Can I help you?"
Monica wanted to know .

7. Helena: "Will Max join us?"
Helena asked me .

8. John: "What are you doing?"
John asked me .

9. Mark: "How much time do you have?"
Mark wanted to know .

10. Mary: "Must I do the cleaning?"
Mary asked .