Relative pronouns – who, which, whose or no pronouns? – Exercise 1

Task No. 1114

Put in the relative whowhich or whose where necessary. Type an x if the relative pronoun can be left out.

Welcome to your Relative pronouns – who, which, whose or no pronouns? – Exercise 1

1. This is the boy fell out of the window.

2. Yesterday I saw a castle was really old.

3. Susan is the girl I met on Saturday.

4. I haven't seen Max, brother lives in New York, for a long time now.

5. The robber stole the car the man parked in front of the bank.

6. This is the man house was robbed

7. Can I sit next to the girl is sitting over there?

8. The book you gave me is great.

9. John likes curries are spicy.

10. Bill Clinton, was President of the USA, has only one daughter.