Questions in the Past Perfect – Exercise

Task No. 1221

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps in the Past Perfect.

Welcome to your Questions in the Past Perfect – Exercise

1. the car had petrol before they left? (they/to check)

2. the words before he went on stage? (the actor/to learn)

3. for the petrol before they drove away? (they/to pay)

4. What before she arrived at work? (Susan/to do)

5. his teeth before he went to bed? (Sean/to clean)

6. What before she called the police? (she/to see)

7. to bed early the night before the test? (Jake/to go)

8. here before? (you/to live)

9. the instructions before he started making the model? (John/to read)

10. Dublin before you went there in 2016? (you/ever/to visit)