Question Words in English

Question words with examples

Nearly all question words in English start with the same two letters – WH. That’s why questions with question words are also called WH-questions.

Question wordPurposeExample
whereAsking about placesWhere are you from?
whoAsking about peopleWho are you?*
Who did you phone?**
whenAsking about timeWhen did you arrive?
whatAsking about things or activitiesWhat does he do at weekends?
Asking about specific things or characteristics What type of car do you drive?
whyAsking the reason for somethingWhy are you here?
whoseAsking about ownershipWhose book is this?
whichAsking to specify a number of things or peopleWhich bus do you take to school?
howCombined with many words to ask about characteristics,
qualities, quantities, etc. For example: How much (price),
How long (length), How often (frequency)
How old are you?

* This is a subject question.

** This is an object question.

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