Plural Nouns

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Nouns used in their plural forms

Some nouns are always used in a plural form and with a plural verb. Nouns like this are made of two parts. 

1. Pair nouns

jeansWhere are my jeans?
pyjamasHis pyjamas are blue.
scissorsThese scissors aren’t sharp.

If you want to refer to an exact number, use a/one pair of, like in the following example.

  • I have bought a pair of glasses.
  • I bought two pairs of glasses.

There are more nouns: binoculars, glasses, headphones, knickers, scales, shorts, tights, trousers, tweezers.

2. Nouns not used in the singular

groceries I bought the groceries this morning.
clothesHe bought some new clothes yesterday.
stairsThe children ran up the stairs.
thanksThanks are due to all who helped.
peopleThree people are waiting at the bus stop.
policeLook! The police are coming.

3. Nationalities

The following nationalities (no -s) are used in the pural:

  • the Dutch
  • the British
  • the English
  • the French
  • the Spanish
  • the Irish
  • the Welsh

The singular of the English would be the Englishman.