Phrasal verbs with the verb look – Exercise

Task No. 1185

Place the following prepositions in the gaps and form meaningful sentences. (after, back on, in, out, forward to, through, down on, up, at, round) 

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Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to your Phrasal verbs with the verb look – Exercise

1. John looked the window.

2. Look ! We're going to crash!

3. Did the policeman look your driving licence?

4. He looked from his computer when he heard her enter the room.

5. We were looking trying to find a place to eat.

6. We are looking meeting your friends.

7. What do you think of when you look your life grandad?

8. Leopold looks his children when his wife goes out.

9. He looks people who don't have as much money as him.

10. Look and say hello when you are next in town.