Phrasal verbs with the verb Get – Exercise

Task No. 1187

Place the following prepositions in the gaps and form meaningful sentences. (together, along, in, off, away, through, down, back, up, out) 

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Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to your Phrasal verbs with the verb get – Exercise

1. When we got to the party, she had already left.

2. The police let him get with just a warning.

3. What time does our train get  ?

4. We have to get early tomorrow to catch our plane.

5. We have to get for a chat soon.

6. It was a very difficult time in my life but I managed to get it.

7. I stopped the car and got .

8. Does Susan get with your parents?

9. I couldn't get his phone number. He spoke too quickly.

10. They got the train when it stopped at their station.