Phrasal Verbs Examples – P – Z

Phrasal Verbs and Prepositional Verbs in English P – Z

Phrasal VerbPhrasal Verb in a sentence
pack awayPack away your toys, it is time for bed.
paper overWe papered over the problems in our relationship.
pay backI paid him back for being rude to me.
pencil inLet’s pencil in Saturday for our meeting.
play upThe little boy was really playing up.
polish offWe polished off the last of the beer.
pour downThe rain poured down every day of our holiday.
press onLet’s press on with this, we need to finish it today.
print outCould you print this out for me, please?.
pull overThe police car told us to pull over.
put byI have been putting money by for my retirement.
put offThey have put off their wedding
put up withI don’t know you put up with her.
quarrel withHe quarrels with any one. He is always arguing.
quieten downQuieten down and go to sleep children. It is late.
rain offThe match was rained off.
read up onI have a new job and I have to read up on lots of things which are new to me.
rent outWe are going to rent out our flat on AirBnB
ring backHe is not here now. Would you like to ring back later?
root forI am rooting for the team in blue. I don’t like the other team.
rule outThey have ruled out me getting a pay rise.
run awayShe ran away from home at 16.
run downThe town centre is very run down.
run off withThe kidnappers ran off with her little daughter.
rush inFools rush in where wise men fear to tread.
save upWe are saving up money to buy a house.
sold offWe sold off the land as we didn’t need it.
send offThe player was sent off for a bad foul.
send over toShe sent me over to talk to her boss.
set back Losing our map was a set back on our journey.
settle downOne day I would like to settle down and have children.
shop around forI like to shop around for bargains.
show offStop showing off.
sit downPlease, sit down.
sit byWe shouldn’t sit by and do nothing, we should help.
sleep inI slept in this morning.
slow downSlow down you are driving too fast.
snap offThe handle just snapped off the door.
sober upHe’ll have a bad headache when he sobers up.
splash out onLet’s go crazy and splash out on new clothes.
speak upSpeak up, please. I can hardly hear you.
stand up forYou should stand up for what you believe in.
start upWe started up a new business together last summer.
stay inLet’s stay in tonight and not go out.
steer clear offWe should steer clear of the motorway as there is a big traffic jam.
step downMy boss has stepped down from his job. His assistant is now in charge.
stick togetherWe must stick together otherwise we will get lost.
stop byPlease stop by when you are in London.
stop offWe’ll stopped off in Liverpool on our way to Glasgow for a short rest.
storm out of He stormed out the room, shouting and yelling.
straighten outWe have to straighten this mess out.
strip downThe mechanic stripped down the bike engine.
stretcher offThe injured player was stretchered off.
sum upThis report sums up the benefits of the plan.
swear byI swear by these pills as a great cure for headaches
switch offCould you switch the light off, please?
switch onCould you switch the light on, please?
take awayThe waiter took away our empty plates.
take offThe doctor told me to take off my clothes.
take inAre you taking this in? I will be asking questions later.
talk back toDon’t talk back to me. Do as you are told.
talk roundShe can always talk her dad round to get her way.
tear upShe tore the letter up.
tell offThe teacher told him off.
tell onI’m going to tell the teacher on you.
think overLet’s think it over before we do anything.
think throughLet me think this through before I make a decision.
think ofI was thinking of you when I bought this present.
think upI need to think something up quickly.
throw outThrow out any toys which are broken
tidy awayPlease tidy your books away.
trick intoHe tried to trick me into doing his chores.
try outLet’s try out the new restaurant in town.
turn aroundWe turned around and went back the way we came.
turn downHe turned down the job offer.
turn inI’m going to turn in now and get some sleep.
turn offTurn off the lights before you go to bed.
turn onTurn on the television there is a good film on.
turn upDon’t worry something always turns up.
use upWe used up all our money in the first week of the holiday.
wait up forDon’t wait up for me. I will be back very late.
wake upWake up or you will be late for school.
walk intoI was looking at my phone and I walked into a lamp post.
watch outWatch out! There is a child running across the road.
wear offThe pain killers are being to wear off. I can feel the pain.
wiggle out ofDon’t try and wiggle out of doing the washing up.
work onYou need to work on your English grammar.
wrap upWrap up the presents well.
write downI wrote down everything the teacher said in the lesson.
yell outThe pain made me yell out.
zip upI had better zip up my jacket.
zoom offHe zoomed off without telling me where he was going.

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