Phrasal Verbs Examples – A – G

Phrasal Verbs and Prepositional Verbs in English A – G

Phrasal VerbPhrasal Verb in a sentence
add upThe money didn’t add up. There was less then we expected.
agree withI agree with you on that point.
answer backHe is a very rude child and always answers back.
ask outHe asked her out on a date.
ask overLet’s ask them over for dinner one evening.
back awayHe backed away from the ferocious dog.
back upYou should back up the data on your computer so you don’t lose it.
balls upHe made a complete balls up of the task.
bank onYou can bank on it. I guarantee it will happen.
barge inHe barged in the room without knocking.
be awayI am away on holiday next week.
beat upHe was beaten up very badly in the fight.
bring up(1) He was brought up by his grandmother.
(2) Why do you have to bring that up?
bump intoI bumped into an old friend yesterday.
call aroundCall around and say hello next time you are in the area.
call offThe match was called off because of bad weather.
catch on Do you think this type of fashion will catch on?
chat upHe was chatting up a girl when her boyfriend walked in.
check inI have flight to Rome I would like to check in.
cheer upCheer up it might never happen!
do away withI think they should do away with exams in schools.
do out of I was swindled and done out of my money.
doze offI normally doze off in the evening watching television.
drift apartWe drifted apart and then realised we were no longer in love.
drop offCan you drop me off at the shops, please?
ease offWhen the rain eases off a little we’ll run to the car.
eat outLet’s eat out tonight to celebrate my new job.
egg onHis friends were egging him on to do it.
end upHow did we end up here?
enter forI entered for a competition but I didn’t win.
fall aboutWe fell about laughing it was so funny.
fight backIf someone attacks you, you should fight back.
figure outI can’t figure out what’s wrong with the TV. It was working yesterday.
fill inWould you fill in the form, please?
fool aboutStop fooling about. Be serious for a moment.
get acrossI couldn’t get across my point. He just didn’t understand me.
get atWhat are you getting at? What is it you are trying to say?
give backI would like to give you back the money you lent me.
go aheadThe government have given the go ahead on building the new motorway.
go on aboutHe goes on about his problems all the time. He never stops.
grow apartWe grew apart when I went to university.