Phrasal Verb Gap Fill – Exercise 5

Task No. 1184

Use the following verbs ( put, switch, take, throw, believe, fill, get, look, turn, try) and the prepositions ( off, on, out, away, down, for, in,) and form meaningful sentences.

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Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs Gap Fill – Exercise 5

1. Hurry! the train. It's ready to leave.

2. I don't know where my keys are. I have to them.

3. It's cold. Can you the heating, please?

4. Can you the form, please?

5. Can I these shoes and see if they fit?

6. It's wet out. your boots when you come in.

7. I am trying to study. Can you the music a little.

8. The firemen were able to the fire.

9. Does your little sister Santa Claus?