Phrasal Verb Gap Fill – Exercise 4

Task No. 1098

Insert the following phrasal verbs into the correct box for the matching phrasal verb: put on, write down, work out, set up, get up, run out, pay back, run down, try on, point outYou may also need to change the tense of the verb.

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Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs Gap Fill - Exercise 4

1. Don't get worried. We'll a solution.

2. He that there was a problem with the idea.

3. Please your coat. It's cold outside.

4. With this bad economy many businesses are of money these days.

5. Everybody today's homework assignment.

6. When will you the money I lent you ?

7. I never before 10 on Sundays.

8. Please these trousers to see if they are the right size.

9. I'm going to my own business after I leave university.

10. I must see the doctor. I have no energy. I feel all the time.