Phrasal Verb Gap Fill – Exercise 3

Task No. 1097

Insert the following phrasal verbs into the correct box for the matching phrasal verb: hang up, call back, get away with, eat out, take off, calm down, look after, come across, look for, break intoYou may also need to change the tense of the verb.

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Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs Gap Fill - Exercise 3

1. When I was reading the book I a word I didn't know. I had to look it up.

2. Would you like to or stay at home tonight?

3. Sean without even saying goodbye.

4. The police told the woman to and tell them what had happened.

5. I'll later when you're not so busy.

6. Could you the baby for a few minutes while I go to the shops?

7. Burglars our neighbours house when they were on holiday

8. The driver speeding because the speed camera was broken.

9. I was my phone but I couldn't find it anywhere.

10. It was hot so we our coats