Phrasal Verb Gap Fill – Exercise 2

Task No. 1096

Insert the following phrasal verbs into the correct box for the matching phrasal verb: run over, show up, go along with, pull through, figure out, take off, give in, talk down to, put on, look forYou may also need to change the tense of the verb.

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Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs Gap Fill - Exercise 2

1. I looked for my keys everywhere but I couldn’t where I put them

2. I you at the concert but I couldn’t see you.

3. After he stopped going to the gym he some weight.

4. I a dog when I went shopping

5. Over a hundred people for the news conference

6. Our plane an hour late because of bad weather.

7. My daughter drove me crazy about buying her a new phone, so finally I .

8. We have a lot of financial problems at the moment but I am sure we’ll

9. You shouldn’t him like that. You’re not his boss.

10. That's a good suggestion. I am happy it.