Past Simple – Negation of sentences in English – Exercise 3

Task No. 1250

Negate the first sentence in each task. Write the negations of the verbs in CAPITALS into the gaps.

Use the long forms of the auxiliaries.

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Form of the Past Simple

Welcome to your Past Simple – Negation of sentences in English – Exercise 3

1. Petra RODE a bicycle. → Petra  a bicycle.

2. The boys CLIMBED a tree. → The boys a tree.

3. I CUT my finger. → I  my finger.

4. We FORGOT to lock the door. → We  to lock the door.

5. My friend LOOKED after the baby. → My friend after the baby.

6. They TURNED down the music. → They  down the music.

7. The girl COMBED her hair. → The girl  her hair.

8. He HELPED in the kitchen. → He  in the kitchen.

9. They THOUGHT they knew the way. → They  they knew the way.

10. I SENT my girlfriend a birthday card. → I  my girlfriend a birthday card.