Past Perfect – Sentences – Exercise

Task No. 1260

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form sentences in Past Perfect. Do not use contracted forms.

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Form of the Past Perfect

Welcome to your Past Perfect – Sentences – Exercise

1. Before he went to Italy he in Spain. (to live)

2. After we the wine, Sean came in. (to drink)

3. Before I went to the doctor, I him to make an appointment. (to phone)

4. After they their sandwiches, they carried on playing cards. (to eat)

5. Jake helped his father in the garden because his mother him to. (to tell)

6. We thought the children were asleep because they so quiet. (to be)

7. Before we left the village, we good bye to everyone. (to say)

8. After Martin , he got dressed. (to shower)

9. Susan changed her dress because her brother juice on it. (to spill)

10. By the time the play began, all my friends . (to arrive)