Past Perfect – Negations – Exercise

Task No. 1259

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Take care forming the negations.

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Form of the Past Perfect

Welcome to your Past Perfect – Negations – Exercise

1. I the bath tap, so the water poured onto the floor. (not/to turn off)

2. The dog ran into the street because Sean the door. (not/to close)

3. When we got to the airport, we discovered we our passports. (not/to take)

4. Jake tickets, so he could not go to the concert. (not/to buy)

5. I Petra for years before I met her in France. (not/to see)

6. She told the teacher that she her homework. (not/to do)

7. Martin the book, so he didn't understand the play. (not/to read)

8. Because of their argument, the sister to one another for years. (not/to speak)

9. I didn't find my keys because I in my jacket. (not/to look)

10. I enough, so I failed the exam. (not/to study)