Group Nouns both Singular and Plural

Singular words like: family, team, gang, which are used for groups of people can be used with either singular or plural verbs, for example:

The team is/are playing well.

Which phrase is correct – the team is or the team are?

Team is both a singular noun and plural noun the verb which is used with it depends on the speaker. If they see the team as a group of students. Use the plural if you see the team as single students.

In American English the single is used more often than in British English. ( AmE – The staff is…/ BrE – The staff are…)

The team is playing well.I see the team as a group.
The team are playing well.I see the single members of the team playing well.
There are more words which can be singular or plural nouns:
  • army
  • bank
  • band
  • choir
  • class
  • club
  • public
  • crew
  • company
  • school
  • firm
  • gang
  • government
  • orchestra
  • party
  • staff