Negations in the will-future – Exercise

Task No. 1262

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form negative sentences in will-future. DO NOT use contracted forms

Welcome to your Negations in the will-future – Exercise

1. I you again. (not/to tell)

2. I hope I a cold in this weather. (not/to catch)

3. She green vegetables. (not/to eat)

4. He ready for the exam tomorrow morning. (not/to be)

5. The manager trees in front of the office building. (not/to plant)

6. Susan to you. (not/to listen)

7. They in the countryside. (not/to live)

8. We about what can go wrong. (not/to think)

9. I this dress to the party. (not/to wear)

10. You the book on the shelf. (not/to reach)