Negations in the Past Continuous – Exercise 1

Task No. 1034

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gap and form negative sentences in Past Continuous.

Use the long form  of the auxiliary, i.e. was not, were not.

Welcome to your Negations in the Past Progressive – Exercise 1

1. He a beer. (not/to drink)

2. They to the teacher. (not/to listen)

3. The driver the car. (not/to stop)

4. The baby his food. (not/to eat)

5. We the television. (not/to watch)

6. David writing a letter. (not/to write)

7. Jake the guitar. (not/to play)

8. The friends songs. (not/to sing)

9. John a pipe. (not/to smoke)

10. Sean and Hanka to one another. (not/to speak)