Mixed Conditional Sentences

What are mixed conditional sentences?

It is possible for the two parts of a conditional sentence to refer to different times, that is, the time of the if clause is different from the time of the main clause. When that happens the resulting sentence is a “mixed conditional” sentence.

1. Past → Present

  • If I had studied medicine, I would be a doctor now.

2. Past → Future

  • If I had bought tickets, we would be going to the concert next week.

3. Present → Past

  • If she had enough money, she could have joined us here on holiday.

4. Present → Future

  • If I were you, I would be spending my holiday in India.

5. Future → Past

  • If I weren’t going on holiday tomorrow, I would have arranged to visit you.

6. Future → Present

  • If I weren’t taking this exam next week, I would be out enjoying myself.