Imperative in English

1. When do we use the Imperative

Imperatives are used, for example, to order, ask, or to suggest and give advice as to what people should do.

  • Look out!
  • Please do not smoke here.
  • Have some tea.
  • Study more next time

2. The form of the Imperative

We use the infinitive to form the Imperative.

Affirmative sentencesNegative sentences
Sit down.Don’t sit there.
Tell him you are busy.Don’t tell him anything.
Stop that!
Don’t stop the music.

Use the exclamation only when you want to add stress, e.g. Stop! Help!

3. The Imperative with let’s

We can use let’s ( let us ) to give orders or make suggestions to a group that includes the speaker

Affirmative sentencesNegative sentences
Let’s go for a drink.Let’s not waste any more time.