Identify the Conditional Sentence Type – Exercise 2

Task No. 1151

Find the correct conditions (types of if-clauses).

1. If it wasn't so early, I would go to bed.

2. I would have phoned you if I had had your number.

3. I would buy a Rolls Royce if I had a lot of money.

4. If we had known the time of your arrival, we would have met you at the station.

5. I could have helped you if you had told me the truth.

6. If you were driving from Rome to Prague which way would you go?

7. We ought to have arrived at dinner time if we hadn't taken the M4.

8. If the weather had been better, the car might not have crashed.

9. We can visit the castle if we have time.

10. If Maradona had played in the team, they might have won the match.