Have or Have Got?

When do we use have got and when have?

In British English have got is used quite often, in other areas it is common to use the main verb have.

1. Affirmative sentences

havehave got
have a father.have got a father.
Ive got a father.
You have a mother.You have got a mother.
Youve got a mother.
He has a dog.He has got a dog.
Hes got a dog.
She has a book.She has got a book.
Shes got a book.
It has power.It has got power.
Its got power.
We have chairs.We have got chairs.
Weve got chairs.
You have a new car.You have got a new car.
Youve got a new car.
They have friends.They have got friends.
Theyve got friends.

have got is often used in its contracted form even in written English.

2. Negations

havehave got
do not have a father.have not got a father.
haven’t got a father.
don’t have a father.Ive not got a father.
You do not have a mother.You have not got a mother.
You haven’t got a mother.
You don’t have a mother.Youve not got a mother.
He does not have a dog.He has not got a dog.
He hasn’t got a dog.
He doesn’t have a dog.Hes not got a dog.
She does not have a book.She has not got a book.
She hasn’t got a book.
She doesn’t have a book.Shes not got a book.
It does not have power.It has not got power.
It hasn’t got power.
It doesn’t have power.Its not got power.
We do not have chairs.We have not got chairs.
We haven’t got chairs.
We don’t have chairs.Weve not got chairs.
You do not have a car.You have not got a car.
You haven’t got a car.
You don’t have a car.Youve not got a car.
They do not have friends.They have not got friends.
They haven’t got friends.
They don’t have friends.Theyve not got friends.

3. Questions

havehave got
Do I have money?Have I got money?
Do you have books?Have you got books?
Does he have a laptop?Has he got a laptop?
Does she have a smart phone?Has she got a smart phone?
Does it have lights?Has it got lights?
Do we have milk?Have we got milk?
Do you have a new car?Have you got a new car?
Do they have friends?Have they got friends?

There can be negations in questions too.

havehave got
Don’t you have a car?Haven’t you got a car?

4. Attention!

4.1. The contracted forms ve or s are only used with have got – not with have.

Ive got a new smart phone.

I’ve a new smart phone.

Hes got a new car.He’s a new car.

4.2. Do not use an auxiliary with have got – only with have. Pay attention when using negations.

Have you got a house?Do you have got a house?
Do you have a car?Have you a car?
They haven’t got a mother.They haven’t a brother.

4.3. have cannot always be substituted with have got. You can only substitute have with have got when you talk about relationships and possession.

havehave got
have a brother.Ive got a brother.
had an operation.I had got an operation.
We had dinner.We had got dinner.

► In American English have is dropped in informal speech as in the following example.

Ive got an idea. → I got an idea.