Gerunds after Prepositions

1. Gerund after prepositions that stand alone – some examples:

  • after

    After having a shower, I went to bed.

  • before

    I have breakfast before leaving for work in the morning.

  • by

    I passed by studying every evening for a month.

  • in spite of

    In spite of living in the country he cannot speak the language.

  • on

    What did he say on learning your news?

  • without

    You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.

2. Gerund after Adjective + Preposition – some examples:

  • afraid of

    He is afraid of losing his job.

  • bad at/good at

    John is good at explaining things.

  • crazy about

    She is crazy about seeing me.

  • interested in

    I am interested in learning Japanese.

  • sorry about/for

    He’s sorry for being late.

  • worried about

    I’m worried about having no money.

3. Gerund after Noun + Preposition – some examples:

  • advantage of

    What is the main advantage of living in the country?

  • chance of

    Is there a chance of getting free tickets?

  • difficulty in

    He has difficulty in sleeping.

  • interest in

    He has no interest in earning lots of money.

  • problem of

    They have solved the problem of storing energy.

  • trouble for

    He was in trouble for fighting.

4. Gerund after Verb + Preposition – some examples:

  • apologize for

        They apologized for being late.

  • decide against

    She decided against marrying him.

  • dream about/of

    Freda dreams of being a pop star.

  • feel like

    I feel like getting drunk.

  • look forward to

        I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

  • talk about/of

    He often talks about visiting me in London.

  • worry about

    I wouldn’t worry about having an injection.