Gerund or Continuous Form


Is it a Gerund or a Continuous Form?

Even though both forms end in -ing, it is easy to find out whether it is a Gerund or a Continuous form.

1. Continuous Tenses

These tenses are formed with to be and the infinitive + ing.

She is watching television.Present Continuous
She was watching television.Past Continuous
She has been watching television for two hours.Present Perfect Continuous
She had been watching television before Jane came in.Past Perfect Continuous
She will be watching television when I get home.will-future Continuous
She will have been watching television.Future Perfect Continuous
She would be watching television if she had time.Conditional Continuous
She would have been watching television if she had had time.Conditional Perfect Continuous

2. Gerund

The Gerund is formed only with infinitive + ing.

Watching television is great fun.
She likes watching television.
She is looking forward to watching television tonight.
She keeps on watching television.
How about watching television?
She is crazy about watching television.
After watching television, he went to bed.