Form of the Past Perfect Continuous

How do we form the Past Perfect Continuous?

We form the Past Perfect Continuous with had + been (past participle of BE)+ infinitive + ing.

1. Affirmative sentences in the Past Perfect Continuous

  • had been playing football.
  • You had been playing football.
  • He had been playing football.
  • She had been playing football.
  • It had been playing football.
  • We had been playing football.
  • You had been playing football.
  • They had been playing football.

2. Negative sentences in the Past Perfect Continuous

  • had not been playing football.
  • You had not been playing football.
  • He had not been playing football.
  • She had not been playing football.
  • It had not been playing football.
  • We had not been playing football.
  • You had not been playing football.
  • They had not been playing football.

3. Questions in the Past Perfect Continuous

  • Had I been playing football?
  • Had you been playing football?
  • Had he been playing football?
  • Had she been playing football?
  • Had it been playing football?
  • Had we been playing football?
  • Had you been playing football?
  • Had they been playing football?

Short/contracted forms in the Past Perfect Continuous