First & Second Conditional Sentences – Statements – Exercise 1

Task No. 1065

Put in the verbs in brackets and form 1st or 2nd Conditional sentences. Pay attention to the verbs in CAPITALS.

Welcome to your First & Second Conditional sentences – statements - Exercise 1

1. If you HELP me with my homework, I (to wash) the dishes for you.

2. Sean (to cut) the grass for his mother if she BAKES him a cake for tea.

3. If it (to rain), we WILL STAY at home.

4. My friend WILL BE happy if I (to invite) him to the cinema.

5. If they HAD enough money, they (to buy) a flat.

6. We (to pass) the exam if we STUDIED harder.

7. If Dad (to repair) the car, we COULD GO on a trip to the seaside.

8. She WOULD GET 100 euros if she (to sell) this old picture.

9. If I WERE you, I (to invite) Jake to the party.

10. If the weather fine, the children CAN GO to the beach.