First & Second Conditional Sentences – Exercise 1

Task No. 1066

Choose the correct phrases and form a First or Second Conditional sentence. Mind the position of the if-clause and negations.

Welcome to your First & Second Conditional sentences – Exercise 1

1. If Susan had a mobile phone, she (to phone) all her friends.

2. I (to be) very angry with Mark if he forgets my money again.

3. If the boys (to win) this match, their coach will invite them to to McDonalds.

4. If you don't read these articles, you (not/to know) the facts.

5. You would get very wet if you (to go out) in this rain.

6. The computer (not/to work) if you disconnected this cable.

7. If he has time, he (to buy) her a gift.

8. Peter (to play) in the school football team if he practised more often.

9. We won't take something to drink if Paul (not/to bring) some food.

10. If he (to carry) the rucksack, I'd take the suitcase.