1.What are conjunctions?

Conjunctions are words that join two separate ideas, or clauses, into one sentence

I cooked some foodbecauseI was hungry

Conjunctions not only join two clauses together but they also tell us how the two clauses are related. Here are some examples:

I bought wineandshe bought cheeseaddition
I was tiredbuthappy to have arrivedcontrast
Would you like teaorcoffee?alternative
We stoppedbecausewe were tiredcause
I’ll phone youwhen it arrivestime

and, but and or join two separate ideas and must go between them, other conjunctions can change position:

  • Because we were tired we stopped.
  • When it arrives I’ll phone you.

2. Sentences with conjunctions and connecting words

althoughAlthough he’s very poor he is still generous.
andI like tea and coffee.
asAs I arrived it started to rain.
As you couldn’t make the meeting, I’ll tell you what happened.
becauseHe goes to the gym because he wants to keep fit.
butI read books, but I don’t read fiction books.
eitherI’m afraid Susan is busy and I can’t come either.
We can either go shopping or visit the museum.
evenShe gossips about everyone, even her best friend.
even ifTake extra money on holiday even if you think you won’t need it.
even thoughThis film is very popular; even though, I don’t like it.
howDo you know how to play chess?
howeverThey played very well, however, they lost the match.
ifIf the sun shines, we can go to the beach.
in caseTake your phone with you just in case you get lost.
in spite ofHe didn’t stop smoking in spite of the doctor’s advice.
neitherThey didn’t enjoy themselves, and neither did I.
Neither drinks nor food are permitted in this shop.
orDo you like tea or coffee?
otherwiseStudy hard for the test otherwise you’ll fail.
sinceSince he’s lost his money, he’s lost his friends.
unlessYou cannot stop smoking unless you really want to.
whatI don’t know what to say.
whenWhen you’re in town, give me a call.
whetherI’m going for a walk whether it rains or not.