Conjunctions in sentences – Exercise 2

Task No. 1101

Choose which conjunctions fits in the gaps from these: because, while, yet, and, or, nor, but (x2), although, after.

Welcome to your Conjunctions in sentences – Exercise 2

1. I like cream in my coffee, I don't like sugar in it.

2. Follow my directions you won't get lost.

3. Is it my turn to do the washing up  yours?

4. He was late he missed the train.

5. We were tired happy to be home after our holiday.

6. We walked all the way it was raining very hard.

7. John was watching television his wife was reading a book.

8. I'll call you I have heard from Mary.

9. Neither my brother my sister have children.

10. I didn't study at all for the exam, I got top marks.