Comparison of Adjectives – Exercise 2

Task No. 1142

Put in the adjective from the first part of the sentence into the second part in its correct form (comparative or superlative).

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Comparison of Adjectives

Welcome to your Comparison of adjectives in sentences – Exercise 2

1. My dad has a loud voice, but my mother's voice is  than my dad's.

2. Susan has a beautiful baby, but my baby is the on earth.

3. I live in a large house, but my brother lives in a house.

4. We have only little time to do this, but tomorrow we'll have even time.

5. Petra is clever, but Susan is than Petra.

6. Today is cold, but yesterday was the this year.

7. A horse is heavy. An elephant is much than a horse.

8. The maths test was difficult, but biology test was .

9. Spain is sunny. Do you know the place in Europe?

10. Jake is a successful business man, but his brother is  than Jake.