Adverbs of Frequency

1. What is an adverb of frequency?

Adverbs of frequency tell us how often something happens.

  • I never work on Sundays.
  • I often have a sandwich for lunch.
  • I usually take the train to work.

Here are some examples of adverbs of frequency:

  • always
  • frequently
  • never
  • normally
  • occasionally
  • often
  • rarely
  • regularly
  • seldom
  • sometimes
  • usually
  • weekly
  • yet

2. Where do adverbs of frequency go?

Different adverbs can go in different positions in a sentence. However, the following rules are correct for all adverbs of frequency.

Adverbs can go before the main verb.

SubjectAuxiliaryAdverb of frequencyVerb
We alwaysgoto Spain on holiday
Heneverreturnsmy phone calls.

Adverbs can go after the auxiliary verb.

SubjectAuxiliaryAdverb of frequencyVerb
Ihaveneverhada car crash.
Hewillusuallyarriveon time.
Shecanalwaysbe trusted.

or after a form of to be (am, are, is) – (was, were).

SubjectAuxiliaryAdverb of frequency 
Iamneverlate for work.
My bossisfrequentlyin a bad mood
The childrenwereseldomquiet.

The adverbs normally, occasionally, often, sometimes and usually  can go at the beginning of a sentence.

  • Sometimes I want to change my job.
  • Usually I get up early.

Sometimes these adverbs can go at the end of a sentence.

  • We eat in restaurants occasionally.