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This free English learning resource is designed to help you improve your English.English Grammar Exercise is a complete guide to English grammar and usage with detailed explanations and examples for each rule. So use this site to practice grammar, understand the grammar rules, exercise on line and improve your English!

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With so many tenses to choose from selecting the correct verb tense and using it correctly can be difficult. Here we explain the grammar rules and give you examples to help you learn, practice and improve.


A noun identifies a person, place, thing or an idea. Here you will learn about all about nouns and the different types: common, proper, compound plus lots of help for the rules about countable and uncountable nouns,


Describing words that tell us how something feels, looks, tastes, sounds and acts. Adjectives add life and colour to your sentences. Use these pages to find out the rules behind using adjectives.


Adverbs change or explain adjectives verbs or even other adverbs making them more specific. Adverbs help answer questions such as When..? Where..? How..? They tell us more about frequency, quantity, intensity, and opinions.


When we report what someone says we use Direct or indirect speech. These can be a huge source of confusion for English learners. Learn how to quote people directly -Direct speech- or how to rephrase what people say – indirect or reported speech.


Prepositions are words which link nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words; prepositions add information about time, place or direction to a sentence so it makes sense. Small but tricky to use. Find out more here!


Verbs are the main part of a sentence in English. They are doing words. A verb can express a physical action, a mental action, or a state of being. Find out what verbs are and learn about the different types here.


Our site is packed with free English grammar exercises containing thousands of questions covering the most popular grammar topics to help you learn English and test your improvement.

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