Yes/No questions and short answers with the verb be

Yes/No questions – be (am, are, is)

Subject and verb change their position in statement and question.

  • Sentence: You are from England.
  • Question: Are you from England?

We always use the short answer, not only Yes or No, as Yes or No sounds rude on its own.


If the answer is Yes, we always use the long form. → Example: Yes, I am.

If the answer is No, we either use the long or the contracted form (short form). → Example: No, I am not → No, I‘m not.

Verb Subject Rest Yes/No Subject Verb
Are you from England? Yes, I am.
Are you from England? No, I am not
‘m not.
Is she your friend? Yes, she is.
Is she your friend? No, she is not.
Are they Italian? Yes, they are.
Are they Italian? No, they are not.