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Verbs easily confused in English

Here is a list of verbs that are easily confused even by native speakers.

infinitive simple past past participle meaning
find found found get back something which was lost
found found founded start something i.e. a business
flow flowed flowed movement of liquid
fly flew flown move through air
hang hanged hanged killed with a rope around the neck
hang hung hung put up on a wall
lay laid laid put down flat
lie lay lain be down bed
lie lied lied not tell the truth
raise raised raised put up i.e. hand in the air.
rise rose risen go or get up
strike struck struck hit
stroke stroked stroked gently pass hand over.
wind /waɪnd/ wound /waʊnd/ wound /waʊnd/ tighten something i.e. a spring
wound /wuːnd/ wounded wounded injure in a fight