Singular Nouns

Nouns used in their singular forms

In English there are nouns that are used only in the singular.

1. Collections

Noun Sentence
luggage He bought new luggage yesterday.
spaghetti Would you like some spaghetti?
hair* Your hair looks lovely.

* see countable and uncountable nouns

other examples: luggage, jewellery

2. Some nouns ending in -s

Even though they end in -s they have a singular form of the verb: have not has, is not are etc.,

Noun Sentence
news Have you heard the news?
maths Maths is my favourite subject.
progress Progress was made in our meeting last week.
The United States The United States is a big country.

other examples: athletics, billiards, crossroads, darts, economics, gymnastics, physics, mumps, politics, series

3. Special nouns

These nouns cannot normally be used in the plural but only in the singular. They are related to emotions and activity.

Noun Sentence
homework My maths homework was easy.
understanding The understanding between them is amazing.
knowledge His knowledge of English is excellent.

other examples: advice, damage, work