Signal words for the Present Continuous – Exercises

Task No. 1281

Put in the correct correct signal word for the sentences in the Present Continuous.

Welcome to your Signal words for the Present Continuous – Exercise

1 the dog is playing with the cat.Clue
Occasionally = Present Simple. Yesterday = Past Simple
2 The children are sleeping .Clue
Just = Present Perfect, always = Present Simple
3 , it is raining.Clue
Tomorrow = Future, Yesterday = Simple Past
4 Mum is making a cake .Clue
an hour ago = Past Simple, every day = Present Simple
5 The plane is taking off .Clue
just = Present Perfect, tomorrow = Future
6 He is doing his homework .Clue
every evening = Present Simple, a week ago = Past Simple
7 , the girl is painting with a brush.Clue
Normally, Every day = Present Simple,
8 I am reading a book .Clue
next Sunday = Future, a week ago = Past Simple
9 Susan is playing with her brother .Clue
last night = Past Simple, every Sunday = Present Simple
10 she is parking her car.Clue
Every morning = Present Simple, Two hours ago = Past Simple