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Short forms and long forms in the Present Perfect Continuous

How to use short/contracted forms with the Present Perfect Continuous

We often use short/contracted forms of auxiliaries in spoken English. The Present Perfect Continuous is formed with the auxiliary have. So short/contracted forms are used frequently with this tense.

1. Affirmative sentences

Pronouns Long forms Contracted forms
I have been studying Ive been studying
you you have been studying youve been studying
he, she, it he has been studying hes been studying
we, you, they they have been studying theyve been studying

2. Negative sentences

Pronouns Long forms Contracted forms
I I have not been studying Ive not been studying
you you have not been studying youve not been studying
you haven’t been studying
he, she, it he has not been studying hes not been studying
he hasn’t been studying
we, you, they they have not been studying theyve not been studying
they haven’t been studying