Relative pronouns – who, which, whose ? – Exercise 2

Task No. 1113

Choose one of the following relative pronouns whowhich or whose from the drop-down menu.

Welcome to your Relative pronouns – who, which, whose – Exercise 1

1 I talked to the man car had crashed into mine.Clue
It was the man's car = WHOSE
2 Mr Smith, is a dentist, lives in that house.Clue
Mr Smith ( a person ) = WHO
3 We often visit our uncle in Aberdeen is in Scotland.Clue
Aberdeen ( thing ) = WHICH
4 This is the boy comes from Italy.Clue
Boy (person) = WHO
5 That's Petra, the woman has just had a baby.Clue
Woman (person) = WHO
6 Thank you very much for your letter was very funny.Clue
Letter (thing) = WHICH
7 The man, father is a doctor, forgot where he had parked his car.Clue
The car belonged to the man = WHOSE
8 The children, broke the window, are not from our street.Clue
Children (people) = WHO
9 The house, owner is a young woman, is from France.Clue
The owner of the house = WHOSE
10 What did you do with the money your father gave you?Clue
Money (thing) = WHICH