Present Simple Negations – Contracted forms – Exercise 2

Task No. 1240

Complete the sentences.

Use short/contracted forms of the auxiliaries only.

Welcome to your Present Simple – Negations – Contracted forms – Exercise 2

1 We football at school. (not/to play)Clue
Negation: don't (because of WE) + infinitive
2 Susan to her sister. (not/to talk)Clue
Negation: doesn't (because of Susan) + infinitive
3 John his homework. (not/to do)Clue
Negation: doesn't (because of John) + infinitive
4 Tom and Jerry in the sea. (not/to swim)Clue
Negation: don't (because of Tom and Jerry) + infinitive
5 They early at the weekend. (not/to get up)Clue
Negation: don't (because of They) + infinitive
6 You to the shops. (not/to drive)Clue
Negation: don't (because of YOU) + infinitive
7 Mr Jones geography. (not/to teach)Clue
Negation: doesn't (because of Mr Jones) + infinitive
8 My sister Spanish. (not/to study)Clue
Negation: doesn't (because of My sister) + infinitive
9 The children lies. (not/to tell)Clue
Negation: don't (because of The children) + infinitive
10 I a boat. (not/to sail)Clue
Negation: don't (because of I) + infinitive