Present Continuous – am, are, is – Exercise 2

Task No. 1272

Choose the correct forms of to be and form sentences in Present Continuous.

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Form of the Present Continuous

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1 The children playing in their room.Clue
ARE (because of THE CHILDREN)
2 Sean and Jake visiting their grandmother.Clue
ARE (because of Sean and Jake)
3 John writing e-mails.Clue
IS (because of JOHN)
4 I watching television.Clue
AM (because of I)
5 The dog swimming in the river.Clue
IS (because of THE DOG)
6 Our cat lying on the bed.Clue
IS (because of OUR CAT)
7 We baking bread.Clue
ARE (because of WE)
8 The moon shining.Clue
IS (because of THE MOON)
9 My father working in the garden at the moment.Clue
IS (because of MY FATHER)
10 I talking on the phone.Clue
AM (because of I)