Present Continuous – am, are, is – Exercise 1

Task No. 1271

Choose the correct forms of to be and form sentences in Present Continuous.

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Form of the Present Continuous

Welcome to your Present Continuous – am, are, is – Exercise

1 John and Susan cooking in the kitchen.Clue
ARE (because of JOHN AND SUSAN)
2 We listening to the radio.Clue
ARE (because of WE)
3 I reading a good book at the moment.Clue
AM (because of I)
4 My dog playing in the garden.Clue
IS (because of MY DOG)
5 Our friends staying in our house.Clue
ARE (because of OUR FRIENDS)
6 I studying for my exams.Clue
AM (because of I)
7 It snowing.Clue
IS (because of IT)
8 My sister feeding the fish.Clue
IS (because of MY SISTER)
9 He buying some food.Clue
IS (because of HE)
10 The babies sleeping.Clue
ARE (because of THE BABIES)