Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 2

Task No. 1003

Choose the correct preposition from the drop-down menu.

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Welcome to your Prepositions English Mixed Exercise 2

1 Cindy kept information from the police.Clue
to keep back is to withhold something from someone.
2 My boss told me to keep the good work.Clue
to keep up means to continue something
3 He is sensitive the needs of his daughterClue
To be sensitive to means to automatically know about something
4 He was sorry the way he behaved at the party.Clue
sorry about means to apologise for something
5 He warned them to keep the freshly painted benches.Clue
keep off = stay away from
6 Daren was let by the judge as this was his first offence.Clue
let off = not punished
7 Could you please look this contract. I will have to sign it.Clue
look over = examine but not too deeply
8 Arnie has a nanny to look his children while he is away.Clue
to look after = to protect, keep safe
9 Look all the unknown words in the dictionary.Clue
Look up = search for
10 Tom was sorry damaging his neighbours fence.Clue
sorry for means to apologise for something